Sermons by the preacher Jonathan James

Name Series Reading Preacher Date Time Play Download
--2 Kings 7Jonathan James2013-02-17PM
Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ-2 Peter 1:11Jonathan James2012-09-16AM
--2 Samuel 16 : 1 - 17 : 14Jonathan James2013-08-04AM
The law that brings freedom-Colossians 2:16-3:17Jonathan James2015-01-18AM
--Ephesians 1Jonathan James2013-05-12PM
Coincidences and people - God's chosen instruments-Esther 4:1 - 5:8Jonathan James2014-05-11PM
--Hebrews 11:1 - 12:4Jonathan James2016-07-31PM
--Jeremiah 6:9-19Jonathan James2016-07-31AM
God's Chosen One-John 1:43-51Jonathan James2017-04-30PM
--John 1:1-41Jonathan James2017-02-05PM
--John 6Jonathan James2012-05-13PM
--John 9Jonathan James2012-04-01PM
Sins Ancient and Modern-Judges 21, 1 Samuel 8, John 19:12-16 Jonathan James2016-03-13PM
God's Chosen One-Luke John 1:43-51Jonathan James2017-04-30PM
--Luke 1:1-38, 57-66Jonathan James2015-12-13PM
--Luke 23:32-43Jonathan James2015-03-22PM
God's Chosen One-Mark John 1:43-51Jonathan James2017-04-30PM
Life & Death-Philippians 1:21Jonathan James2014-10-19PM
Ruth-Ruth 3Jonathan James2014-07-20AM