Sermons by the preacher Stephen Emmott

Name Series Reading Preacher Date Time Play Download
--1 Chronicles 16:1-36Stephen Emmott2015-11-08AM
--1 John 4: 7-21Stephen Emmott2015-11-01PM
--1 Kings 18:1-17Stephen Emmott2016-07-24PM
Be ready to explain...-1 Peter 3:8-22Stephen Emmott2016-09-18PM
--1 Peter 1Stephen Emmott2016-08-07PM
The Christian's Present -1 Peter 1: 1-2Stephen Emmott2014-08-03AM
The Christian's Past-1 Peter 1: 1-2Stephen Emmott2014-07-27AM
--1 Peter 1:13-2:3Stephen Emmott2014-01-12PM
--1 Peter 1:1-25Stephen Emmott2014-01-05PM
--1 Peter 1:10 - 12Stephen Emmott2013-05-26AM
Trustworthy Sayings (Part 1)Trustworthy sayings1 Thessalonians 1 Timothy 1:15Stephen Emmott2014-04-27PM
--1 Thessalonians 1Stephen Emmott2012-07-29PM
--2 Kings 5:38-41Stephen Emmott2016-11-13AM
--2 Samuel 9Stephen Emmott2016-10-16AM
--2 Timothy 3:1 - 4:8Stephen Emmott2016-08-21AM
Trustworthy Sayings (Part 3)Trustworthy sayings2 Timothy 2: 1-23Stephen Emmott2014-07-27PM
Trustworthy Sayings (Part 2)Trustworthy sayings2 Timothy 1 Timothy 4:1-16Stephen Emmott2014-05-25PM
Trustworthy Sayings (Part 1)Trustworthy sayings2 Timothy 1 Timothy 1:15Stephen Emmott2014-04-27PM
--Acts 6:1-15, 7:51-8:2Stephen Emmott2016-07-24AM
--Acts 12:1-24Stephen Emmott2016-06-19PM
--Acts 14Stephen Emmott2015-11-01AM
--Acts 13Stephen Emmott2012-09-09AM
--Colossians 3:1-17Stephen Emmott2016-10-09PM
How to find GodSatisfying our souls thirst for GodColossians 1:1-23Stephen Emmott2015-05-03PM
Mountain of VisionMoses on the MountainsDeuteronomy 34: 1-12Stephen Emmott2015-07-12AM
--Ephesians 4:17 - 5:2Stephen Emmott2016-08-28PM
Pauls prayer for the church-Ephesians 3Stephen Emmott2012-09-09PM
--Ephesians 1Stephen Emmott2012-04-22PM
--Exodus 3:1 - 14Stephen Emmott2015-10-04PM
-Moses on the MountainsExodus 19:1 - 20:21Stephen Emmott2015-05-31AM
The Mountain of PrayerMoses on the MountainsExodus 17Stephen Emmott2015-05-03AM
--Ezekiel 37Stephen Emmott2016-12-13AM
--Ezekiel 33Stephen Emmott2013-03-03AM
--Genesis 22Stephen Emmott2017-02-19AM
-Satisfying our souls thirst for GodGenesis 1:1 - 2:3Stephen Emmott2015-06-14PM
Where are you ?-Genesis 3:9Stephen Emmott2014-10-19AM
What the brothers teach us about ourselves-Genesis 50:15 - 21Stephen Emmott2013-04-28PM
He who promised is faithful-Hebrews 10:19-39Stephen Emmott2015-01-11AM
Isaiah-Isaiah 42:18-43:7Stephen Emmott2015-02-22AM
--Jeremiah 32:1-27Stephen Emmott2015-09-13AM
--Jeremiah 29:1-19Stephen Emmott2015-01-11PM
--Jeremiah 19:1 - 20:6Stephen Emmott2014-08-17AM
My Lord and My God-John 20Stephen Emmott2017-04-16PM
--John 1:1-21Stephen Emmott2016-08-28AM
Knowing God in his 3 personsSatisfying our souls thirst for GodJohn 14Stephen Emmott2015-05-31PM
It is finished-John 19:30Stephen Emmott2013-04-28AM
New covenant prayer-John 14 - 17Stephen Emmott2012-11-04AM
--John 14:22 - 15:11 & 17:1 - 26Stephen Emmott2012-07-29AM
--Joshua 4:19-5:12Stephen Emmott2016-07-03PM
--Judges 13Stephen Emmott2017-02-05AM
Gideon 'An ordinary man'-Judges 6:1-7:21Stephen Emmott2014-04-27AM
Gideon 'An ordinary man'-Judges 6:1 - 7:21Stephen Emmott0000-00-00AM
--Luke 18:35-19:10Stephen Emmott2017-04-30AM
--Luke 12:35-48Stephen Emmott2016-11-13PM
--Luke 17:11-19Stephen Emmott2016-06-19AM
--Luke 15:11-24Stephen Emmott2016-05-01AM
--Luke 15Stephen Emmott2016-05-01PM
--Luke 7:36-50Stephen Emmott2015-08-30AM
Mountain of HeavanMoses on the MountainsLuke 9:18 - 36Stephen Emmott2015-07-26AM
The open & empty tomb-Luke 24:1-12Stephen Emmott2015-04-05AM
--Luke 24:13-43Stephen Emmott2015-04-05PM
The Wheat and The Weeds-Mark Matthew 13:24-43Stephen Emmott2017-04-23PM
--Mark 9:33 - 10:16Stephen Emmott2015-10-04AM
--Mark Matthew 25:31 - 46Stephen Emmott2015-08-16AM
--Mark Matthew 26:1-30Stephen Emmott2015-01-25AM
--Mark 15:15-47Stephen Emmott2014-05-25AM
--Numbers 6:22-27Stephen Emmott2015-12-20AM
Mountain of BereavementMoses on the MountainsNumbers 20:1-29Stephen Emmott2015-06-28AM
--Numbers 20:14 - 21:9Stephen Emmott2012-06-24AM
--Philippians 1Stephen Emmott2012-06-24PM
--Proverbs 22: 28Stephen Emmott2015-04-26PM
How Christ speaks in the old Testament-Psalms 118, Matthew 23:37-38Stephen Emmott2017-02-26AM
--Psalms 78 & Matthew13Stephen Emmott2017-02-12AM
--Psalms 84Stephen Emmott2013-08-04PM
--Psalms 91:1 - 2Stephen Emmott2013-05-26PM
--Psalms 91Stephen Emmott2012-11-04PM
--Psalms 37Stephen Emmott2012-01-01AM
I Was Dead-Revelation 1:9-18Stephen Emmott2017-04-16AM
Knowing God as SaviourSatisfying our souls thirst for GodRomans 8Stephen Emmott2015-07-12PM
--Romans 12Stephen Emmott2012-01-15AM
Trustworthy Sayings (Part 4)Trustworthy sayingsTitus 3Stephen Emmott2014-08-03PM